We have a large selection of RollPak’s new Magnum Liners Available

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A couple of months ago RollPak introduced their new Magnum liners.  These liners are much stronger than a similar density of their competitors.  We have had these liners for about a month now and they have been moving extremely fast.  If you haven’t seen these liners more information about them is available below.

Gauge-for-gauge, Magnum® liners are the toughest in the industry—up to 50 percent stronger than comparable linear low-density bags. The result: better performance at lower cost. Made from our best film, these ultra-tough liners are also a smart choice for environ-mental source reduction: Magnum’s thinner, stronger films reduce plastic waste by up to 25 percent with absolutely no sacrifice in performance.

RollPak Magnum Liners

These liners are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses.  See a sales representative or call us for more information.